Felton Industries – Database

Today we have gone live with a joint venture project with UpsideDownWebsites based in Australia delivering a website that is database driven and developed exclusively in Rapidweaver. Click Felton to see their new website.

Felton had previously worked with another company in developing a solution that was static with a poor design and very inflexible. Using our experience we were able to determine the key requirements to the overall solution, challenging proposals to make sure the overall solution was carefully thought through and properly designed. The result of which is now live.

The solution contains the following components delivered by IT Integrated Business Solutions:

  • An admin backend module managing product categories, products, product descriptions and pricing as well as core configuration
  • Email templates exist allowing emails to be styled and modified in the backend.
  • PHP modules returning data in HTML format to be incorporated into the website
  • Javascript calls significantly improving the user experience
  • Shopping cart management, keeping track of products added to the cart
  • General system security

This project has been an astounding success and we look forward to working with UpsideDownWebsites and Felton in the future.